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Forward SMS to Your Mobile Phone or Email

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To create a forwarding rule that forwards incoming SMS messages to your mobile phone go to Settings->Forwarding Rules option in your menu bar.

The rule you need to create will tell ipipi to send your incoming SMS, which automatically arrive in your ipipi inbox, to go to your mobile phone. This phone must be one of your registered devices.

The rule for forwarding SMS must recognize that all incoming SMS look like "SMS from" in the subject line. Your rule will look similar to:

If you want to forward all incoming SMS to your email address your rule would look something like this:

If you forward incoming SMS to your email, make sure that you also setup WebText code for your account (more on WebText code you can find here). This will enable you to easily reply to incoming SMS messages directly from your email client.

To learn more about forwarding rules, click here. Also learn how you can send SMS from your phone.

Note: forwarding to SMS counts as a transaction subject to a cost of one credit.


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