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Register Your SMS Phone

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This tutorial shows you how to register (associate) SMS phone with your account. To find out why may need to register register your phone, click here

You need to:

1. Log on to your account

2. Click on the Registered Devices link under "Settings"

3. On the screen that follows click on the "Add My SMS Phone"
Click here for more details

4. On the next screen, enter your phone details and click Submit. If you need help on how to enter phone number, click on the "globe".
Click here to learn more...

5. The system will send a 5-digit code to the phone you registered. When you receive it, enter it into the appropriate place on the confirmation screen. Until you do, this device will not be activated on our system and you will not be able to use this device for SMS forwarding or to originate SMS or email from it.

Please note that you can always get to the confirmation screen by clicking on the "bell" icon next to an unconfirmed device in your Dashboard.



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