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email to SMS Forwarding

Email to SMS forwarding is the service that enables automated and intelligent forwarding of electronic information from email accounts to SMS mobile devices. The figure bellow explains in detail how email to SMS function works. Read more about generating email to SMS here.

Powered by the powerful Wireless Information Server engine, the service available at has a capacity to analyze millions of messages and using its built in intelligence engine route them to mobile devices account owners specify.

email to SMS - International text messaging service

Apart from excelling in immediate delivery of important messages to mobile devices evolved into an email to SMS messaging portal and application that also enables:

  • Analysis of emails and forwarding of information that is declared important
  • Robust protection against SPAM
  • Sending of messages using a simple and integrated web functionality (web 2 SMS)
  • Powerful and free Webmail client
  • Generation and origination of messages to and from mobile devices
  • calendaring and scheduling as well as mobile alerts
  • POP and SMTP server

If you want, you can use this ipipi for quick and easy reply to important messages using mobile phone. Read more about Reply syntax here

What do I need to start from my account ?
Setting up takes no more than 5 minutes. There is no payment of any sort required. When you create a new account, you will get a new email address, for example You will immediately get access to all functions of the service. You can also look at our tutorial.

You can use ipipi in several ways:

To use ipipi as your mobile forwarding service you will need a computer connected to the Interent and a mobile phone.  Once you register this phone with the system, you can create rules that will filter all incoming messages and send you only the important ones to your mobile device. Go ahead, try it today!

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