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Create new account SideWinderSMS comes with a configurable option to enable users to create new accounts. This option can be disabled if SideWinderSMS is deployed in a private setting in which all accounts are created and authorized by system administrators.
Retrieve forgotten password Users of accounts on SideWinderSMS can re-gain access to the system by requesting the system to generate a new temporary password and send it to the users' registered (default) email address.
Help and tutorial SideWinderSMS consists of a complete help system. Users can access either the main help menu and then navigate through it to the topic of their interest, or access a specific help topic from the associated system screen. SideWinderSMS also has a built in step-by-step tutorial that explains how the system works and how user features are set up.
Different "Sent From" and "Reply-To" email addresses SideWinderSMS supports different user profiles and enables users to define different "Reply To" email address from the default domain address.
Unlimited number of registered devices Users can define many forwarding devices that can later be used in definition of forwarding rules. All forwarding addresses require confirmation, which reduces the possibility of abuse (SPAM, relaying) by validation of each address by the person who registered it.
Compress information sent to space limited devices SideWinderSMS allows users to specify compression options for each device. For example, the server can extract spaces between words (while capitalizing individual words to retain readability), can remove prepositions, or replace long words with abbreviations.
Unlimited number of forwarding rules All information that arrives to a user's account is processed in real time against forwarding rules that the user previously defined. The server forwards information that triggers one of the rules to one or more forwarding destinations.
SPAM Guard All incoming information is filtered through a series of user defined block rules. For ease of managing SPAM all senders' information is automatically captured and recorded by the system so that a user can easily find and block senders who are sending unwanted email.
Rich-text enabled Inbox SideWinderSMS provides three default folders into which users collect email: Inbox, Sent and Spam. The email accepts rich-text messages in HTML format and can support an infinite number of attachments per message.
Colour coded inbox The user can assign colours to identify the source accounts for email in the in-box.
Calendar and scheduler Record important events and schedule delivery of alerts to any of the registered forwarding addresses (even SMS)
Address and Group book Users can record personal accounts and assign each entry a nickname. These nicknames can be used to rapidly compose and send SMS or email from SMS phones. Users can also classify users into groups and assign them nicknames. The address book is fully integrated with the Inbox and users can select multiple recipients by simply selecting entries from their Address Book.
Send SMS from web interface Users can use web interface to send SMS messages to one or more recipients. The "Compose SMS" feature is fully integrated with Address and group books.

SMS Engine
SMPP Support SideWinderSMS supports industry standard SMPP 3.3 and 3.4 protocols to connect to high throughput wireless networks.
SMS Modem Support SMS Engine works transparently with different SMS drivers enabling users of SideWinderSMS to be completely independent of their SMS provider. For small to medium sized companies this enables a fast ramp-up and easy switch between SMS delivery providers by simply replacing SIM cards on their SMS modems. SideWinderSMS supports an unlimited number of SMS modems for easy scaling as your messaging needs grow.
SMS Remote Support SideWinderSMS can work with an unlimited number of remote SMS sending and receiving clients. The benefit is that operators can realize substantial cost savings by connecting to the local wireless networks while operating a global service. For example, while available SMPP connection can deliver SMS to country A from $0.02 - $0.06 interconnect charges, by using a remote SMS component of SideWinderSMS in Country A SMS can be delivered using a local pricing of $0.01 per message. SMS Remote can connect to SMS network via SMS Modem or SMPP protocol.
Incoming SMS Processing Engine SMS Engine has an additional capability to process incoming SMS commands (from authorized users) and interpret them following up with a specific action. SideWinderSMS can interpret virtually any command for which it has a defined action block (module that performs certain action after the receipt of a corresponding command). This extends the potential use of SideWinderSMS in industrial and telemetry applications where it can be programmed to turn on/off machines or processes with a simple SMS command sent from anywhere in the world.
Dynamic Optimization for High Availability or Least Cost Routing SideWinderSMS can connect to an unlimited number of SMS entry points and so it can be configured to take advantage of specific criteria an operator may have. For example, operators can configure SideWinderSMS to connect to deliver SMS using the lowest cost option. In this setup, multiple Remote SMS stations can be used to take advantage of low messaging rates in specific countries.

Mobile Features
Send SMS to email Use SMS phone to generate properly formatted email message. This function is fully integrated with the system's Address and group book allowing users to send email to multiple recipients.
Reply, Reply-all and Forward Users can use their cell phones to generate replies and forward email messages. This function is fully integrated with the system's Address and group book allowing users to send email to multiple recipients.
Send SMS to multiple SMS recipients This function enables users to compose one SMS message and send it to multiple recipients defined in any of their address book groups.
Create calendar and to-do events Users can set calendar events (and set reminders) from their cell phones. They can also record to-do items.
Mobile Advertising Create personalized SMS messages and send them to many SMS numbers. SideWinderSMS also supports analysis of incoming messages for truly interactive SMS advertising campaigns.

Administration Features
Define server parameters All server parameters (IP address, zone file information, database location and access) are defined through an XML configuration interface.
Outgoing messages Enables administrators to change all outgoing messages generated by the system. This includes the welcome message, low-credit message, messages appended to each outgoing email or SMS and similar.
Private labeling SideWinderSMS is built using a small number of templates. Private labeling can be completed by replacing the header and footer graphics files (gif) and by providing a new style sheet definition file.
Create and manage user accounts Administrators can monitor all relevant parameters of user accounts. They can also create users, prevent them from doing some or all functions of the system and delete accounts individually or in bulk.
System reporting Several pre-defined system reports enable administrators to group users by account status or certain characteristics. They can then delete all members of the record set or send customized email or SMS messages.

Billing and Account Transactions
Detailed transaction logging SideWinderSMS can record a number of different transactions. For example, it tracks SMS transactions (sent and received) against each account, email, and payment transactions. The system can be configured to assign each of the transactions a monetary or credit value so that users can be charged for the traffic they generate. Each user can review their transaction log at any time from a versatile web interface. Operators on the other hand can create detailed usage reports and bill users accordingly.
User Roles System can be configured to have an infinite number of user roles, with each role having assigned different access or usage privileges. For example, System administrator can create an "Evaluation" group and give members of this group access to email and WEB SMS access (but not Outlook SMS access) and assign them 15 free SMS credits. Similarly, an administrator of an enterprise system could define a "Sales" role, which would get an unlimited number of SMS transactions.
Account size and message size Each user role can be assigned a different maximum message capacity (for example 10 MB). The system administrator can also limit the maximum message size on the domain level.

SPAM and Security
Three-level SPAM control

SideWinderSMS processes SPAM on three levels. First, it monitors Internet SPAM database and filters messages based on "user-in-fake-domain" rules. Second, it enables system administrators to block all messages coming from specific domains or addresses. Finally, it records and counts all incoming messages for each user, allowing each user to analyze incoming email patterns and easily create block rules for email from most frequent and annoying senders. Similarly, the user SPAM rules can be defined based on different characteristics of incoming information objects (for email that can be To: From: subject). The advantage in this is that users can fine tune delivery rules and fine tune what messages do pass and what do not. Processing of this kind requires a substantial commitment of system resources. SideWinderSMS ' efficient mail transport enables this processing without significant negative effect on the performance of the system in a multi user environment.

Message throttling

The system prevents abuse by defining the maximum number recipients a user can send in a single message or by defining the maximum number of messages a user can send per hour.

Prevention of Relaying SideWinderSMS behaves like a "black-hole" for any unauthorized communication. It accepts it but then it drops further processing.

Rule Processing

Flexible Rule Processing Engine Rules are flexible and can be written with as little or as much sophistication as a user wants. For example, in two mouse clicks a user can define an "unconditional forwarding" rule that redirects all messages collected from user's external accounts to a number of alternative destinations. Conversely, a user can define a rule that will examine incoming information objects (email for example) and execute the rule that satisfies some but not other criteria. The rules are therefore sensitive on different attributes of the incoming information objects (for email object these are: body, subject, To and From fields).
Forwarding SideWinderSMS allows forwarding of messages to multiple destination devices. For example, an urgent message from an important customer can be multiplied and delivered to the whole customer satisfaction team. Since the same message can be delivered to multiple devices, SideWinderSMS recognizes that different devices have unique display characteristics and formats messages accordingly. For example, an incoming message can be sent in HTML format and can contain attachments. Should this message be forwarded to another email address there is no need for any additional processing. However, user's rule can require that this message be delivered to an SMS device. In order for the information to be readable, the forwarding engine will need to strip all formatting as well as remove attachments. Then, if the user so defined, the message may need to be compressed using word substitution and word removal rules. .

Account Monitor
Automated Maintenance of User Accounts Account monitor can be set up to run many times during a day to clean up unused database space, delete large user accounts, alert users of exceptions , send automated and personalized marketing messages to dynamic lists of users and so on.


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