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Send SMS Messages Anywhere You Want

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If you’re tired of your wireless operator not having the reach you want to send SMS messages, we have the perfect solution for you! When you rely on to send SMS messages, you can literally connect with friends, family and business colleagues all over the globe without failure.

Lack of reach is a problem for many mobile phone customers. Companies like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T Wireless and Rogers, for example, may not have an overseas function. This means you can create a text message to send to a friend in a different country only to find out it just cannot be delivered on your phone. When you have an account with, this will no longer be an issue. You can text message to any mobile phone number on the planet directly from your cell phone regardless of the reach your service provider has.

How do we do it?

At, we offer our clients a “workaround” that will get the job done and ensure that they can send SMS messages anywhere they want. The trick is to simply have your account relay the message for you. This means you write your text messages and then send them to our service with instructions on where they need to go. Once you do this, will take care of the rest by executing your request and sending your SMS messages to any cell number you want. It’s even possible to use our text messaging service to send to multiple friends at once. You can also email messages to email addresses right from your phone.

At, we believe in making it easy to send SMS messages anywhere in the world from their own mobile phones or PCs. In addition to our incredible global reach, we also provide our customers access to the best service in the industry at pricing they can afford. Text messages cost just pennies each – even those that are sent to different countries. This means our clients get the communications abilities they are after at prices they can afford.

The platform was designed with user ease in mind, too. We make it easy for clients to fully configure their own accounts to send SMS messages. Plus, our reliability rating is hard to top. When is relied on for text messaging, more than 99 percent of messages sent will arrive at their destinations in a minute or less.

Send SMS Messages Anywhere You Want

To start enjoying the ultimate in flexibility when sending SMS messages, all you need to do is get your account configured today. Getting started is easy and only requires a few simple steps:

  1. Make sure you have positive account balance to send SMS messages. To purchase credits click on the Buy Now link in your account.
  2. Register your phone to be able to send SMS messages and receive them
  3. In your address book create entries for your friends. Make sure that you enter properly formatted SMS numbers and short nicknames for each entry.
  4. You can even group your friends and assign a nickname for the entire group

Then, when you want to send SMS from your phone to the group compose a message similar to:

s g Hello mate, how's life Downunder?

and send it to our SMS gateway  

In the above example, "s" is a command that tells our servers to initiate SMS on your behalf to the SMS number referenced by nickname "g" in your address book. Your friend will receive message "Hello mate, how's life Downunder?"

If you want to send email to your friend(s) from your SMS phone, simply replace "s" with "e". For example: e g Hello mate, how's life?

  • Click here for a step-by-step example on how to send SMS from your phone.
  • Click here for a step-by-step example on how to send email from your phone.
When you rely on to send SMS, you can literally reach the world in minutes. Getting started is simple and sending text messages is even easier thanks to our flexible, user friendly platform.



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