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Send vCard to Cell Phone by using SMS

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vCard can be defined as de facto standard for storing information about individuals or corporations – you can imagine it as an electronic business card. Whether you use your cell phone, computer, hand held organizer, PIM, email client, web browser or some other communication device, you can easily exchange information between them by using vCard standard. To learn more about vCard click here.

This new feature on iPiPi, allows you to send SMS messages that will contain vCards from your iPiPi Address Book. Therefore, by using iPiPi and following these simple steps, you can easily upload contacts from your address book to your or your Friends' mobile phone.

First, go to your address book and select contacts that you want to send. After that, click on Send vCard button


On the next screen select a recipient from your address book, Quick Pick list, or type mobile phone number manually. Don't forget to choose recipient's mobile phone model from provided list, because different manufacturers use different methods for extracting vCards from messages.

Finally, click on Send vCard button, and Text Message that contains selected vCards from your address book will be sent to recipient's cell phone.








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