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For more than ten years, has been bringing the benefits of text messaging to the masses. Thanks to our service, people all over the globe can send and receive SMS messages without even having a mobile phone capable of this function. Usable from any Internet-ready computer or cellular phone, the service is changing the way people text message.

To fully understand the benefits brings to the table, consider these perks of using our service for personal account users:





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Send and receive SMS worldwide using any computer You can send text messages to your friends anywhere. All you need is a computer and Internet connection. Most messages are delivered in seconds and you will also receive confirmation of delivery. Your friends can reply to your messages, too. It is just like you sent them from another mobile phone.

Simple, per message pricing With you always pay one, low fee for your text messages, regardless of their destination.

Use your phone to send and receive text messages Send and receive international text messages using your phone. You will save a fortune      

Use your email to send and receive text messages Send SMS messages from your favorite email client. This is just as easy as sending an email and we even offer several options for doing so, depending on your preferences.  

Send and receive email using your phone Even if you don’t have a BlackBerry, you can receive important email on your phone thanks to


SMS reminders All you need to do is customize your account with a calendar of events and you will be reminded of important appointments on your mobile phone  

Message delivery receipts Want to make sure your SMS messages arrive? We will send you FREE email messages with the status. You can find out when messages were delivered, if a friend’s phone was off and more.

Any message, any language Language isn’t a barrier when you use for text messaging. You can send messages in English, Chinese, Swedish, Hebrew, you name it! We will even translate your text message for you  

Send and receive pictures Our service is fully compatible for sending and receiving pictures.

SMS Signature for Email SMS enables your email signatures. Tell your friends, family and customers you care. They just click on your email signature and can send a text message right to your phone or PC


Corporate Functions Shine

Our corporate customers will also enjoy all of the above benefits and several others to help them successfully extend their business to the global SMS audience. They can reach customers, employees and partners anywhere at any time without the need to build infrastructure or enter into long and complex terms and conditions. In most cases, one hour is all it takes to add global SMS functionality to an enterprise.

At, we serve both Global Fortune 100 companies and small and medium sized enterprises. Our goal is to make it simple, affordable and fast to take advantage of the worldwide SMS network.

The benefits corporate clients will experience include:





60-minute-API Use standard Internet protocol (SOAP or HTTP) to quickly add SMS functionality to your enterprise.

Two-way service Integrate incoming SMS messages in your business process. Let your customers tell you what they want or need. Let your applications "talk" via the farthest reaching network in the world. Whatever the purpose we support it.

Local gateway access When you send your text message we dynamically assign the number to it so that when your friends reply they get the best possible rate.

Marketing Accounts

Create multiple, local or global personalized SMS marketing campaigns in minutes.

Premium SMS capability Charge your customers for certain value-added services that you offer

Partner SMS Want to run your own SMS business? We can help you set it up in one day with no infrastructure requirements.

SMS Contact Me form for your web site

Post a text messaging enabled Contact Me form on your web site. When your site visitors have questions you find our in seconds.

When you’re ready to experience the power text messaging delivers, is here to help. Just sign up for an account today to tap into this incredible communication tool.



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