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SMS Settings

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The SMS Settings screen contains functions used to personalize your SMS sending and receiving options. Each function on this page is described in detail below:

SMS Settings to customize your account

  1. Send replies to this address
    By default SMS messages from your friends will be stored in your Inbox. Alternatively, on the line below, you can specify another email address or SMS number where you want the SMS replies delivered. Please note that forwarded messages may be lost "on route" (for example, the SPAM filter on your email account may delete them) and there will be no record of them. This is the reason we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you select the default option.
    If you want replies forwarded to an external email address, simply create a Forwarding Rule.
  2. Split long messages into SMS
    Enter a number to specify the maximum messages that ipipi will send if you go over the 160 character limit. For example, if you specify 3 in this field then all messages you send will be truncated at 480 characters (3 x 160). So if you then typed a 600 character message in the SMS Compose screen, 3 SMS would be sent Your account would only be charged 3 ipipi credits, but the last 120 characters of your full message would be lost.
  3. Set SMS Prefix
    Each SMS message sent from ipipi is prefixed with text that identifies you as a sender. By default, this text is your first initial+your last name. Use this field to personalize how messages that you send will be distinguished.
  4. Receive Low Credit Notifications
    When your account balance reaches 25 credits, the system will send you an email notification so that you can purchase more credits and continue the service without interruption. You can receive these notices on other registered devices - click here to learn how to register more devices with your account.
    Corporate accounts get a notification when their SMS account balance falls under 100 credits.
  5. Character Set lets you send text messages in your language/character set of choice. Whether it's Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Cyrillic, Arabic, or whatever your preference, all character sets are available. Please note that depending on the selected character set maximum number of characters will vary. For example, when writing messages in Chinese you have 70 characters per message. When writing messages in Swedish you can enter up to 160 characters per message.
  6. Receive Delivery Notifications (beta)
    Delivery Notifications are available on select routes that we offer. On the routes covered (about 85%) you can receive email messages whenever your SMS is successfully delivered to your friend's phone.
  7. Receive Incomplete Messages
    Check this box if you want to receive incomplete incoming messages.
  8. Append Contact Info to Incoming Replies
    If you forward incoming SMS to your mobile, messages will be prefixed with the respondent's mobile number. If you want to append their first and last name, please enter their information in your Address Book, and check this box to append their full name. This may cut off the end of messages, as the appended name uses up some of the 160 character limit per message.
  9. Define your WebText Code
    The WebText Code will enable you to send SMS messages within a registered email account like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, or AOL Webmail. Enter the recipient's phone number in the To line in the format '', and enter your WebText Code (6-12 characters long, case insensitive) in the Subject line. We recommend that you change your WebText Code frequently.
  10. Define your iPiPiIN ID
    Define your iPiPiIN ID (up to 6 characters long, case insensitive) here so that mobile phones not registered to your account can send you SMS. Using an iPiPiIN ID, any message from any phone that starts with "+YOURID" will come to your iPiPi Inbox.
  11. Define your iPiPiOUT SMS Number

    Please note that your messages will appear as sent from your phone number. Replies will be sent from your friends' phones directly to your phone and will COMPLETELY circumvent our service. If there are any problems with replies we will not be able to assist you.
  12. Default CC Email Address
    Use this option to send a copy of all outbound SMS messages to your email address.

The Email tab lets you customize your email settings.

  1. Black List
    You have been warned! We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE USE OF THIS OPTION. There is just too much spam on the Internet.
  2. White List
    By default, your account is set to use WHITELIST Spam Filtering. This means that all email send to will be rejected unless you registered email address in your Registered Devices or Contact List.


The Screen Preferences tab lets you customize how your ipipi account displays information

  1. Default Main Page
    Select the screen you want to see after you login.
  2. Inbox Type
    Select New for an AJAX style folder management system. Cool and fast, however, it may not work with older browsers or MAC Safari.
  3. Account Transaction Display
    Account transactions remain in your account forever (Account->Transactions screen) as they are used for billing purposes. For one reason or another, however, you may want to hide them from view. This is the place to do it.
  4. Rearrange Dashboard components

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