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Register Friend's SMS Phone with Your Account

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If you want your friends to be able to send you email or SMS any time they want, you should register their mobile phones with your account. To learn more about the benefits of registering your phone click here.

1. To start, click on the Registered Devices link under the "Settings" group

2. On the screen that follows, click on the "Add Friend's SMS Phone" button.
Click here to learn more

3. Finally, enter your friend's phone details and Submit.
Click here for more details...

4. The system will send a 5-digit code to your friend's phone as a SMS message. He or she can simply reply to the message to confirm the registration.

Or, he/she can let you know this code (e-mail, telephone). When you receive it, enter it into the appropriate place on the confirmation screen.

Once the confirmation is completed your friend will be able to originate SMS messages to you anytime he/she wants.


Please note that you can always get to the confirmation screen by clicking on the "bell" icon next to an unconfirmed device in your Dashboard.



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