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Compose and Send SMS Text Messages

Text messages - Send SMS - International Messaging Service

You can send to one or more people easily, and quickly. Format your numbers in international format.

You can choose to send a number someone in your Address Book from the Quick Pick menu, or type the number directly. To type the number, remember to follow correct formatting with +countrycodeareacodelocalnumber, with no leading zeros.


Send text messages from web

For the field Provide

Type the number in international format (click here for formatting help). For more than one recipient use "," (comma).

You can also click on the "To" link to open your address book.

Number of characters typed

You can only type up to abut 150 characters. If you go over this limit your text will be split into multiple messages and your account will be charged for each message. Note: you can specify maximum number of message parts on the SMS Settings screen.

Note: Watch here to see you stay within limits as you will be billed for each message. The counter is provided as a guideline only. Some languages and characters may affect this counter. We recommend that you never push messages to the limit (for example, if your maximum is 150 and you want to be within one message it is prudent not to type over 148 characters - just in case :-).

Delay this this SMS Allows you to delay sending of SMS messages. Great if you are sending SMS messages to someone overseas and do not want to wake them up :-)
cc Send text of your message to one of your registered email addresses.
Speed Dial Every time you send a message to a new number the number is recorded in your Speed Dial. Double click on it to send message. Or click on Edit to add more details to this contact.

2. Click Send Message and the message will be on its way. If you don't have enough credits, not all of your messages will be delivered. If you address SMS message to three recipients and you have only one credit left, only the first recipient will receive your message. Click here to learn how to reload your SMS credits.

Click here for a tutorial on how to compose SMS.



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